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Our market-leading online personal training programmes are made to support you in achieving amazing body transformation outcomes.

You will accomplish the results you desire with a team of specialists on your side, a tried-and-true formula customised just for you, and all the responsibility and support you require regarding nutrition and training from your online coach. 

The operation of our online personal training system

Everything we do at fitness buddy is based on the concept “maximum outcomes, minimum time,” and our online personal training programme is no exception.

Similar to how we work with our in-gym clients, you commit to a specified amount of time, and we create a customised online training and nutrition plan around you, providing you with the resources, support, and direction you need to get the best results in that time. 

What outcomes can you anticipate?

We are industry leaders because we consistently produce outstanding outcomes for thousands of clients all around the world. Our online personal training programme utilises the same results-driven philosophy and culture of excellence.

You may rest assured that regardless of your age, experience, or starting point, if you are prepared to work hard and adhere to the programme exactly, you will also accomplish fantastic results. 

Will it work for me?

It is normal to wonder if something will actually work for you. Our track record with hundreds of clients demonstrates that if you put in the necessary effort and commitment, you can also see outstanding results  

A lifetime commitment

Your long-term health is the best investment you can make in your life. We have the ideal online personal training package for you to obtain amazing results and learn the techniques to keep them for good, regardless of your objective or place in the process. 


£ 149
  • recurring

Group of 5

£ 79
  • Monthly recurring


£ 9
  • block of 5 hours